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Choosing an intermediary to organise shipping is a responsible activity. After all, it is important that the goods are not only delivered safe, but also that they are delivered exactly on time. In order that the client does not worry about the movement of his parcels, many transport companies provide the opportunity to track the cargo online. Tracking the cargo of TC Baikal Service is convenient to do through - quick access to information 24/7.

How to track an order by track number or waybill Baikal Service

  1. Go to the main page of
  2. In the search form, enter the waybill number or track number of Baikal Service
  3. Click the Search button
  4. Get the result with changes in parcel delivery statuses from Baikal Service

How to track a Baikal Service parcel by waybill, track or order number?

Tracking an order on the website is instant - to do this you will need to enter the waybill number in the search bar. In a few seconds you will receive complete and up-to-date information about the movement of your shipment. To work with you do not need additional registration or authorisation via social networks.

For TC Baikal Service cargo tracking is possible by waybill number, track or order number. You can find the necessary data in the shipping documents or ask the company's managers which identifier you can use to track your shipment.

After entering the data, detailed information about the stage of delivery will appear. It should be taken into account that by name, phone number or date, the shipment through will not be tracked, as every day on the same dates and names come dozens of parcels.

Using the service

The use of service will be a favourable solution for small and medium-sized businesses that need to meet delivery deadlines and be aware of all movements of goods in real time. The service is fully oriented to the need of customers to receive timely information about the shipment, in case of delay to know about it and have time to take measures to correct the situation. At the same time, is also suitable for individuals making one-off shipments worldwide.

Parcel tracking via track. global is much easier than through postal service websites. It is intuitive to navigate and requires only the parcel ID number to search. The track you entered earlier is stored on the service until the item is received, so you don't have to re-enter it every time you need to find out updated information. This is also convenient when you are expecting deliveries to several destinations. Parcel movements are monitored 24/7, and data is changed as it is received.

Please note that through you can track all registered shipments, including international ones, for example from China, Kazakhstan or Germany, any transport company (including Russian Post, SF-Express, China Post) in real time - the service is available 24/7. All orders from online marketplaces such as Ozon, Wildberries, AliExpress are under the control of our search robot - no parcel will be left without attention.

What to do if a parcel is lost?

Any freight transport is fraught with risks and inaccuracies, as it involves a large number of personnel. And even despite all the responsibility of employees and their professionalism, at any stage the contents of the delivery can be lost or damaged.

If it turns out that the parcel has been lost or damaged, it may be lost or damaged.

If it turns out that the parcel is lost (it is important to establish that it is really lost and not delayed), it is necessary to contact a representative of the company during working hours to solve the problem. This can be done by the phone number of the transport company, located on the website. It is possible to call it yourself or get a callback, which the operator promises to make within half an hour. Another option for communication is through email, where you can send your claim. The application will also be reviewed and feedback will be given.

The consultant will suggest the following actions to fix the problem:

  • draft a search application;
  • provide a cheque that proves the shipping has been paid;
  • write a claim for the loss.

If the fact of the loss is indeed established, the law requires the transport company to consider compensation equal to the value of the lost items. The reference point will be the amount that was stated at the conclusion of the contract at the very beginning of co-operation, so it is important to assess the contents of the parcel objectively.

Another problem is the loss of the parcel.

Another problem that is sometimes encountered when sending cargo by a carrier company is damage to the contents of the parcel.

If an order is damaged, the first thing that is established is the possibility of repairing and restoring the shipment. If there is such a possibility, the carrier is obliged to reimburse only the repair compensation and loss of value of the goods. If the breakage cannot be repaired, the customer claims for the return of the full value of the broken items. The customer also has the right to claim reimbursement for the carriage services.

When ordering delivery through the Baikal Service transport company, immediately after the shipment is handed over to the order receiver, the sender begins to transmit information about the movements.

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