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City Express is a leading company in the domestic market, providing services not only in Russia and CIS countries, but also practically throughout Europe (including. France, Finland, Czech Republic). As for City Express parcels, it is convenient to track them with the help of service - a fast and reliable way to find out where the parcel is and when it will arrive at the delivery point.

How to track an order by Citi Express track number or waybill

  1. Go to the main page of
  2. In the search form, enter the waybill number or City Express track number
  3. Click the Search button
  4. Get the result with changes in parcel delivery statuses from City Express

How to track a Citi Express parcel?

Our service has a lot of advantages:

  • no need to go through the registration procedure;
  • the possibility of free use of services;
  • high speed of issuing the result;
  • only up-to-date and reliable information;
  • simple and clear interface;
  • tracking orders from all popular marketplaces (AliExpress, Amazon, Shein);
  • only the track number is required, no additional information is needed.

You can find the track code in the receipt or delivery note, it is indicated at the very top. The value usually contains 14 digits, letters and signs. It should be copied without spaces and hyphens and pasted into the field on our website, and then click on the "Track your shipment" button. It will take just a couple of seconds, and the system will provide detailed information about the location of your parcel.

By the way, if several transport companies (for example Russian Post and China Post) are involved in sending your parcel, you will be able to track the statuses of all postal services based on this number. And this service is available for free and without registration.

About City Express

Courier service City Express began its activity in 1993 and for all this time managed to acquire an excellent reputation and get thousands of excellent reviews. Currently there are 80 branches throughout the country. Every day couriers deliver more than 7000 orders. The main advantages of the organisation lie in the presence of a large staff of couriers and its own fleet of cars.

Among the services of the service is delivery in Moscow, Russia and the world in the shortest possible time - from 1 hour to several days. The company provides a whole range of services:

  • organisation of mail delivery;
  • document delivery;
  • delivery of goods, parcels;
  • related insurance;
  • custody;
  • daily and round-the-clock processing;
  • 24/7 support;
  • flexible tariff packages;
  • reliable packaging materials;
  • compensation for loss and damage.

If you use the services of City Express company, tracking of parcels on our website will not cause any difficulties.

City Express International Delivery

CityExpress company offers worldwide mail and cargo delivery services to more than 200 countries near and far abroad. There are two directions of tariffs.

  • Prime. This option is considered optimal for Hong Kong and CIS and European countries with the exception of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo. Delivery of shipments is organised in 1-3 days.
  • Express. This scheme is valid for all international destinations. Delivery time is equal to 2 working days minimum.

You can send correspondence and parcels to any country in the world and track them via find out the status of your parcel in real time and get up-to-date and reliable information about its location and estimated time of arrival.

Delivery of goods and parcels by courier

The period during which the order is fulfilled is indicative and depends on the following factors:

  • the location of the destination, the degree of its distance;
  • duration of customs procedures.

If the attachments are not documents, the service may charge an additional fee, in the case of sending from Kaliningrad region - the amount is slightly higher, taking into account the tax deductions. There is no extra charge when sending to the Customs Union states. If an attachment weighing more than 2.5 kilograms is sent, an inventory of the attachment must be filled out.

If a parcel is damaged on the way - what to do?

The carrier is responsible for damage to the parcel en route, i.e. in this case it is City Express. Therefore, when you receive a shipment that is damaged due to improper storage and transport conditions, you need to write an appeal to the company. As a rule, it will compensate the losses of the seller and the buyer.

What to do if a parcel is lost?

In practice, several options can be distinguished as to how exactly a parcel can be lost:

  • when sent from the starting point (it may be forgotten to be sent);
  • at customs (the parcel may not be allowed through due to non-compliance with the requirements);
  • at an intermediate sorting point;
  • at the post office.

Small packages are most often lost. Act according to the situation depending on the stage at which the parcel was lost, i.e. contact the sender, the carrier or the post office. The order of compensation for losses incurred depends on this.

To find out at what stage the cargo was lost, use the service - in a couple of seconds the system will determine the entire route of the goods. The last tracked place will be the search point.

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