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Sometimes you may need not only to receive an order from an online shop, but also to transport furniture, send important documents to another person, or send a parcel with valuable items. All these services are provided by the logistics company Delovye Liniya: tracking the cargo by waybill number will help you not to worry about the safety of your property and to know exactly when it will be received.

Track a Delovye Lines shipment by waybill number

You can track a Delovye Lines parcel by order number (waybill/request number). If you want to know the exact location of the parcel at the moment, you only need to enter the data into the form on the website and click on the "Find" button. The search is instantaneous: in a couple of seconds the system will give you the entire journey and the current location of the order.

For a simple check you don't need to register, enter characters from pictures or watch adverts - tracking via is free for all users. But if you want to control the movement of several shipments at once and receive automatic notifications about changes in their statuses, you can create a personal account and add all the expected orders to it.

The service recognises the ID numbers of most postal and logistics companies, including Russian Post, SDEK and DPD shipping worldwide. To avoid going to different sites and tracking tracks one by one, just save in your bookmarks and follow the movement of any parcels, packages or large items from a single convenient form - tracking shipments from Aliexpress, Amazon or Pandao in one place.

More about the carrier

The company was founded in 2001 and now occupies one of the leading positions in the freight transport market. The organisation operates both in Russia and beyond its borders (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, China and others), provides transport and logistics services for people, businesses, online shops and retailers:

  • Individuals can have parcels weighing up to 30 kg, letters or documents delivered from address to address, as well as organise relocations and rent company warehouses for storing personal large-sized items.
  • For business it is possible to forward documents, transport by a dedicated vehicle or send by prefabricated cargo, as well as warehouse services (packing, picking or placement).
  • Online shops can take advantage of delivery to self-delivery points or targeted delivery to buyers and marketplaces. Convenient options for organisations that are just starting to work in a new city are the possibility of renting showrooms on the territory of TC branches and advertising on company vehicles.

The organisation carries out not only regular, but also express delivery. A convenient form of calculating the cost of services on the official website allows you to know the price in advance, as well as to choose the most convenient type and method of transferring the cargo to the recipient.

What to do if you can't track a Delovaya Lines parcel by waybill number

Tracking service has access to all databases of Deloviye Lines and allows you to trace the entire path of the parcel in real time. If the system does not give any information about where the mail is now, carefully check the entered identification number. If it is written without errors, contact the sender and ask him to give the correct track - perhaps the shop manager simply mixed up the identifiers.

Since it can take several days between the transfer of an item to an organisation and the start of its registration, sometimes tracking is not possible simply because the order has not yet been marked in the system. To avoid wasting time periodically checking your information, you can register on and add a tracking number in your personal account. As soon as the shipment starts moving and the information appears in the database - you will receive an automatic notification.

If after 2-3 days the track number is still not tracked, you should start searching. You can also find the dispatch by the order parameters on the official website of the TC. To search, enter the surname, first name and passport details of the sender (or recipient), the approximate date of transfer to the delivery service (plus or minus three days), as well as the names of the cities of dispatch and destination.

If the search has failed and tracking is still not possible, the owner of the shipment can contact the manager with whom he/she signed the contract or call the organisation's branch on the hotline.

The company allows any shipment to be sent to the company's office.

The company allows any sender to insure the property being sent. If things or documents were partially lost or damaged, you can get compensation. To do this, it is necessary to check the package in the presence of an employee (or driver, if you chose courier delivery) and draw up a two-sided act of loss or damage. The document should be certified with signatures (yours and the company representative's) and send the claim through your personal cabinet.

During the transport of cargo, it is assigned the following statuses.

Please note that if the shipment is delayed for more than one working day due to the carrier's fault, you can receive compensation in the amount of the cost of the shipment. Time insurance covers long-distance road transport of groupage shipments and deliveries to the recipient's address. Once the insurance programme is activated, you will not need to do anything else - in case of delay, compensation will be automatically credited to your account.

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