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Delivery of parcels and postal parcels throughout the territory of the Russian Federation and neighbouring countries is the core business of Dimex. To be aware of the location of the cargo today is quite easy - in the case of Dimex tracking can be done with the help of track.global service.

How to track a Dimex parcel by waybill?

In order to find out where a postal parcel is, you will need a parcel track - this is a special number that is assigned to each parcel at the point of dispatch of the transport company. Enter the number into the search box at track.global and get up-to-date information about the movement of your shipment.

Our website has many advantages, which is why track.global has already been chosen by hundreds of users. We will easily track the last location of your parcel, regardless of the place of dispatch.

The main advantages of the service:

  1. Convenient, modern site design, clear interface - no unnecessary details that could distract you from the main goal.
  2. Ability to track Dimex cargo worldwide. Our resource functions throughout Russia, and also tracks parcels from anywhere on our planet (China, USA, Belarus, Germany, Poland, Kazakhstan, etc.).
  3. The service collects data on shipments of all transport companies, including China Post, Yanwen, DHL.
  4. Ease of use. A child or an elderly person will understand how to use the site, because everything is quite simple.
  5. Fast server operation, saving time. Users who once entered the track code, will not need to enter it again, the information will be automatically displayed. It is also important that we do not have any queues, even if the site is used simultaneously by a large number of people.
  6. Round-the-clock work. You can use our resource both in the daytime and night time.
  7. Detailed tracking. Our service allows you to get comprehensive information: location, time of arrival and approximate date of delivery to the point of delivery.

Now you don't need to use different websites to keep track of your mail items. Here you can get information about shipments of any transport company, even if several transport companies are engaged in transport - all information will be displayed in one place. Also track.global will be convenient for those who like to make orders in different online shops (Aliexpress, OZON, Amazon, eBay and others) - any tracking around the world.

Tracking of Dymex shipments is usually done by waybill number. To get the necessary information, the user needs to find out the track code, i.e. the postal identifier. This unique combination of letters and numbers is assigned to each parcel after its registration by the courier service. It is by this code and will be able to track the movement of the cargo.


In order for the necessary information to appear on the monitor screen, all you need to do is:

  1. go to the site track.global;
  2. enter the cargo identifier in the special field;
  3. click on search.

To find out the location of an order by name or phone number will not work - such data cannot be unique. In order to exclude errors and to ensure that each customer has access to certain information, a unique identifier is used.

Tracking statuses.

Dymex Parcel Tracking Statuses

After a parcel on its way to the sorting point, the company's managers record the movements in the relevant database, and all the information is displayed in the form of statuses. They help the user to understand what is happening with the parcel and when it will arrive at the post office or delivery point.

Let's take a closer look at each of the statuses:

  1. Checkout. This is the initial stage, where information about the shipment is collected, an identifier (track code) is assigned and the parcel is registered.
  2. Customs declaration. Processing and matching with the status.
  3. Accepted. If all procedures were successful, the consignment is assigned this status.
  4. In transit. This option can be considered in detail, because this is where the details of cargo movement are usually indicated. The parcel can arrive or leave: intermediate point, sorting centre, warehouse, place of international exchange/receipt/transit/return, is in transit point.
  5. Left the sender's country.
  6. Entered the country of destination.
  7. At customs. This is where it's processed and passed on.
  8. Cargo ready for release.
  9. Ready for courier delivery.
  10. Shipped.
  11. Cancelled.
  12. Returned.

Sometimes other statuses may appear depending on the situation. For example: "cancelled at customs", "wrong address", "waiting for examination", "no addressee", "unsuccessful", etc.

What to do if a parcel is lost?

It happens that the status is not what you would like to see. Especially frustrating is the long waiting time. A parcel can arrive in a matter of hours, especially if express delivery was ordered. Sometimes the transport takes 5-8 days if the goods come from abroad. If there is confusion in the statuses or the shipment is not tracked, most likely the parcel is lost.

In this case, it is recommended to contact Dimex support. Do not delay writing a statement of loss, because only in this way you can achieve the search for your cargo. In order for tech support to approve the customer's application, you should attach a photo of the payment receipt to it. When the order protection period passes, you have the right to insist on a refund of the amount spent on the purchase of goods.

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