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SDEK is a logistics firm engaged in express mail delivery not only within Russia, but also beyond its borders. Users of service can track a parcel by track number, find out its exact location and shipping status.

Tracking parcels by track number (waybill)

Express courier service SDEK has been operating since 2000. Initially, branches of the courier service were located in cities of the Far East and Siberian regions. Gradually there was a process of expansion and development of the network. At the moment, there are branches of SDEK in almost every Russian city. At the same time, the logistics firm is not limited to the Russian territory and has reached the world level.

Courier service provides services of carriage and delivery of goods, documents to citizens, businesses, shop owners. Forwarding of goods is carried out in various ways. Not only motor transport is used for accelerated transport. Representatives of SDEK co-operate with railway and aviation companies.

How to use the tracking service

On the tracker is available tracking of various postal parcels of SDEK by waybill number. There is a special memo that allows you to check where the shipment is:

  1. You need to go to the official website of
  2. There will be a search box at the top of the site. You need to enter the waybill number there and click on the "search" button."
  3. The system will process the request and provide results.

Warning! You can trace the location of a parcel sent by SDEC only by its unique identifier (delivery note number). You cannot find the order by the surname of the sender or the recipient.

What is a waybill

A bill of lading (B/L) is a document confirming the acceptance and dispatch of goods. In order to obtain a TTN, you need to conclude a contract with a courier service and fill out the accompanying documents. The contract can be concluded in one of the branches of SDEK or remotely on the official website of the courier company.

The waybill contains full information about the sender and the recipient (personal data, residential address, telephone number), information about the cargo (weight, packaging, dimensions). The waybill also contains data on the cost of services. In the upper part of the document there is a bar code, as well as an identification number, with the help of which you can see the location of the postal item.

Benefits of Tracking Service is characterised by many pluses:

  • the resource has a pleasant interface and easy navigation;
  • allows you to find out information about the location of the parcel in the shortest possible time;
  • for tracking it is not necessary to enter passport or other data, it is enough to correctly enter the number of the delivery note;
  • registered users can add several tracking numbers in their personal cabinet, as well as set up notifications about changes in parcel delivery status to email.
  • .

The user will be able to find out when the shipment was dispatched and calculate the approximate delivery date.

SDEC parcel tracking number formats

On the website, SDEK tracking by order number (waybill) is available. Some users do not know how the postal identifier should look like. The appearance of the code depends on what country the parcel comes from.

If the parcel is sent within Russia, the track number can consist of seven to ten characters. National parcels are assigned numerical codes. If it is an international parcel, the identifiers may contain not only numbers, but also capital letters of the Latin alphabet.

If the parcel is sent within Russia, the track number may contain not only numbers, but also capital letters of the Latin alphabet.

Since SDEK has branches not only in Russia and CIS cities, but also in such large countries as China, Turkey, ,Germany,USA,Czech Republic, the format of tracking numbers may vary depending on which country the order is shipped from. Residents of Russia often order goods from Chinese online shops (Aliexpress,Joom,Pandao) and choose express delivery SDEK to speed up shipping. The logistics service co-operates with many Chinese carriers.

Examples of tracking numbers from China:

  • JNTCU0100768134YQ - such codes are typical if the carrier is a Chinese company J-NET;
  • ZESZE2016180335YQ - this track number will be assigned if the shipping is done by Eshun ZES Express;
  • AS000000123CN - such identifiers are assigned to orders that are shipped by EMS service.

Thus, when checking tracking, you should carefully check the track code and specify not only numbers, but also letters for international shipments.

When signing a contract with the logistics service SDEK, the sender will be given a receipt (bill of lading), the number of which can be used to track the parcel. Tracking will show all settlements through which the parcel is travelling, as well as the status of the delivery itself.

For some reason, the addressee may refuse to accept the shipment or return the goods to the supplier. In this situation, the parcel will be sent back. When returning the goods, you can also track their location on

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