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 Seller’s Shipping Method
Seller’s Shipping Method
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Seller’s Shipping Method

Seller's Shipping Method allows the vendor shop to select an alternative shipping service and the buyer agrees to leave this decision to the vendor when purchasing the item. In the case of Seller's Shipping Method, tracking is only done within the borders of the sender's country. Then the shipment is assigned a new track number, which can be found out at the moment of receiving the goods. This method is beneficial to both parties of the sale: the buyer does not pay for transport, and the seller is free to choose the most convenient postal service.

How to track a Seller's Shipping Method parcel by the parcel number?

To understand where your order is now, in the text line at the top of this page, enter the track code that came to you by email or SMS. Also the necessary combination can always be found in the shopping section of the online shop or check with the seller in private messages.

In addition, information about the status of the shipment is available on the website of the company that transports the order. Usually a notification with a link to such a resource comes to the buyer after some time, and the information itself is in the language of the courier service of the sender.

One of the main advantages of is the ease of use. The service will independently determine which logistics company the supplier has chosen, and will provide a full report in Russian on tracking a parcel delivered via Seller's Shipping Method. service is easy to use. service tracks delivery data in real time 24 hours a day without weekends and holidays. On our site you can track shipments of any transport companies and courier services, including DPD, SDEK, DHL, as well as orders from all marketplaces, for example from Joom, Pandao or iHerb.

Seller's Shipping Method - shipping from Aliexpress

For Aliexpress, shipments using "Seller's Shipping Method" are quite common. Mostly such shipments come from China, but this online shop also has its trading platforms in USA, India, Poland, Russia etc. They too do postal transactions using a similar method.

The seller in this case can do the following:

  • make a favourable deal with a shipping company and entrust this job to it (for example, choose any China TC);
  • send the parcel by the state post of the country where the ordered products are located (for example, the official post of Malaysia, Hong Kong or China);
  • leave the delivery to the relevant departments of Aliexpress itself - Cainiao

It should be borne in mind that in all three cases, it is the seller who will pay for the services and will most likely choose the cheapest way. Therefore, customers need to be doubly careful and always carefully read reviews before buying, and if the goods do not arrive within the established protective period - open a dispute.

Seller's Shipping Method

delivery time.

The timeframe depends on which firm is shipping the goods, as well as the distance travelled and the laws of the sender's region. For example, an average shipment from Aliexpress often takes 25-40 days. Tracking status can be updated from a day to a week: depending on how long the shipment is processed in the sorting centre.

However, there are situations when information about the location of an online order does not change for weeks. If you notice that nothing happens to your parcel for 14 days - contact the seller via the feedback form on the shop's website. The supplier should check the track number and, if it is invalid - will be obliged to send a new one.

Methods of delivery

Recently in Russia is gaining popularity in home delivery. Such an opportunity arose when local logistics institutions began to emerge in the CIS territories, providing transport in the status of Home Delivery. The company-supplier or the seller himself for an additional client fee sends a courier, and he, in turn, brings the parcel to any specified location.

This status is also divided into two categories:

  • Seller's Shipping Method HD City - a variant in which courier delivery is made only to large Russian cities. In this case, parcels often come quite quickly;
  • Seller's Shipping Method HD (province) - less fast kind of mailing, sometimes costs much more. This type of shipping involves sending couriers to small towns, villages or hamlets.

Some postal companies even provide the opportunity to monitor the status of the goods right as they move through the city, heading to the customer's doorstep. To carry out such tracking, in situations where it takes place, you can also in the service

What to do if a parcel is lost?

If a parcel does not arrive to the recipient on time or there are problems with its tracking, it is initially worth contacting the postal service engaged in the delivery of goods, and directly to the supplier itself. In cases of this method of dispatch, the latter is obliged to guarantee delivery, even if the problems are on the side of the carrier.

When the order confirmation period comes to an end and the goods have not been received, it is urgent to contact the administration of the online platform. Usually it is done through a special form or an appeal to the technical support of the site. For example, Aliexpress provides functionality that allows you to open disputes about goods. Thus, anyone can submit a request and, if approved by the moderators, return the money for the order.

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