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The track.global service makes it possible for customers of the Spetsvyaz postal service to track items by waybill number along with deliveries from other carriers. Our tracker will help you find domestic and international mail sent by the Main Centre for Special Communications.

Tracking Spetsvyaz dispatches by waybill number

Today, transport companies provide carriage services to the most advanced standards. Despite the fact that the forwarding of special consignments is technically a more complicated procedure, postal companies do it quite promptly. For example, Spetssvyaz Express organises delivery in just 1-4 days to 2500 cities in Russia and abroad, including special cargoes on specialised vehicles.

How to search for an item by number on the waybill

If you want to track down a parcel from Spetsvyaz, you can do so by the number on the waybill. It is not always obvious where exactly on the Internet to monitor the movement of the package along the way. There are different formats of identifiers, and often there is no time to think on which site to enter them. We have created our tracker to make this process easier and faster. Here you can track shipments of most of the well-known freight companies.

To find out where your parcel is now, enter the track code in the appropriate field and click "Track". The tracker will find the parcel on the delivery route and will give you an approximate time left to receive it.

Benefits of the service

Track.global is a convenient tool for monitoring the movement of items, no matter which postal operator is sending them. The site has a number of advantages that simplify the tracking process:

  • you won't lose sight of your parcel even if it is transferred from one operator to another when crossing the border. The service does a cross-check on all involved carriers and determines the location, no matter in which country the package is sent;
  • registration in your personal cabinet gives you access to storage of track numbers. You will be able to monitor multiple delivery routes from different locations;
  • also by registering you will be able to receive email alerts as soon as the shipment is in the next destination point.

Our service will locate the mail container at any time upon your request. We collect the most accurate information about the shipment and give you an estimated date of arrival based on the type of parcel and country of origin, the date of initial registration and the remoteness of the settlement.

Please note that through track.global you can track any international parcels, including those from Belarus, Kazakhstan or PRC, any transport company (e.g. DHL, DPD, PickPoint) in real time - the service is available 24/7.

All orders from online marketplaces such as Asos, eBay or Pandao are closely monitored by our search robot - no parcel will be left unattended.

Tracking statuses of Spetsvyaz dispatches

Immediately after the shipment is registered with the transport company, you can track it only when sending it by express delivery method. In other cases, you must wait until it reaches the sorting centre. There, the barcode will be scanned, after which the tracking status will appear.

Track.global gives accurate information about the location of the shipment. When passing the next point, shipments are assigned a new status, which indicates the last place of registration on the route. Here are the main options that can be seen when monitoring shipments on our site:

  • Registered to ship - appears immediately after payment for the goods;
  • Acceptance - the sender has completed the paperwork and the parcel has been accepted by the courier service. A track code is attached to it;
  • Arrival at IMPO - it is checked at customs;
  • Export - can be held for quite a long time (from 2 to 7 weeks). The point is that it is not profitable to send not fully loaded aircraft, so wait for a full load to fly to a particular country;
  • Import - arrived in the destination country. The operator has processed the shipment and handed it over to customs;
  • Handed over to customs - undergoing inspection;
  • Customs clearance completed - again transferred to IMPO;
  • Arrived at the sorting centre - logistics specialists are working on the most convenient way of forwarding;
  • Left the sorting centre;
  • Arrived at the sorting centre of the city - soon to be distributed to the branch post office in the place of residence;
  • Arrived at the place of delivery - you can go to receive it without waiting for notices;
  • Handed over to the addressee - handed over to the recipient.

These are the most common types of tracked shipment status marks. We also have a section with transcripts for many other statuses of domestic and international shipments.

Track.global tracks the status of tracked shipments.

Track.global tracks Special Communication shipments in Russia and abroad with accuracy to the sorting centre. Enter the number from the waybill and stay up to date on the movement of your package throughout its journey.

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