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For customers of popular Chinese online marketplaces, delivery is available by SyTrack, whose parcels can be tracked by track code. This service is engaged in the transport of small goods. The speed of forwarding - no more than 1-2 months.

How to track a SyTrack parcel

After payment, the goods arrive at the warehouse of the transport company. At this point it is assigned an individual number, which will be required for tracking. Formed orders from the SunYou warehouse are sent to the Chinese border. On the territory of the Russian Federation, Russian Post is usually responsible for logistics. How can I get a full route diagram via our service?

    1. Enter in the search field the identification number assigned at checkout.
      1. Run the search command to track the delivery.
      2. View information about the route and the current location of the goods.

Advantages of service

On our site you will easily get the necessary information about the parcel or cargo. In addition, there are other significant advantages:

  • round-the-clock search of information about any international parcel;
  • clear interface in Russian;
  • registration and payment for services is not required.

If several logistics companies are involved in moving, the visitor can see all intermediate points in one place. With you can track all registered international shipments, for example from China, USA or Germany, any transport company (e.g. DHL, China Post, Yanwen) in real time - the service is available 24/7. All orders from online marketplaces such as AliExpress, Pandao, Amazon or eBay are under the control of our search robot - no parcel will be left unattended.

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