Tracking eBay delivery

Average delivery time from 8 to 10 days


eBay is the largest trading platform that brings together many interesting shops, providing them with a platform to realise their goods. Tracking eBay parcels with the help of service in online mode is necessary to clarify the status of movement. Regularly updated relevant information allows you to know the current location and approximate time of their arrival.

How to track an order by eBay track number or waybill

  1. Go to the main page of
  2. In the search form, enter the eBay waybill number or track number
  3. Click the Search button
  4. Get the result with changes in parcel delivery statuses from eBay

eBay.Inc is an international business organisation that operates, an online auction and networking marketplace. The corporation is headquartered in the state of California. The business platform has been functioning since 1995 and has managed to enter the confidence of many people living in different parts of the planet.

How to track a parcel from eBay by order number?

Shipping from is done through standard mail with the participation of courier services and the use of special programmes of the International format. In order not to have problems with the timing of transport and with the transfer is recommended to enter the monitoring of the movement of the subject of transport with the service Using the tools of our online project you can track a parcel from eBay by tracking number.

Our service allows you to track international freight in real time. To control the movement and status of the shipment it is recommended to specify the track code on the search page in the appropriate field you do not need additional registration on the site or authorisation through social networks.

In the international platform each purchased product is assigned 2 numbers at once:

  • transaction code - issued by the transport company;
  • tracking number - determined by the shipping method.

eBay tracking cannot be done with the transaction barcode, it will not work for route monitoring - it is an internal cipher. And the declaration code (consignment note), which allows you to determine the status and location of the goods, is displayed in the history of orders in your personal cabinet. For this purpose, after registration you need to click on the "My eBay" tab.

To clarify the identifier, you can contact the seller or visit the Purchase History section of your personal page. Here it appears under Tracking Number.

Our service is Russian.

Our service with Russian language interface offers the opportunity to see the movement and status of the item being sent and to know the approximate time of its arrival. Approximate time calculation is based on the following factors:

  • the optimal period of delivery of the transaction items within the last 30 days;
  • the length of the route of countries located in the same distance as the buyer's region;
  • selected service/method of transport;
  • transit time (between cities, countries).

Track any international parcels via orders from popular online shops (Amazon, ASOS, Shein) or shipments from any countries (China, Singapore, UK) - be aware of the location of your shipment.

The information on the website is updated in real time on user request. This means that the system will only show the current and accurate data.

If you can't find the consignment note number in the history, you should write to the seller and ask to pass it on in a private message. By default, the track code is usually not received, so ask the seller to send you this information.

eBay Global Shipping Programme - what is it?

GSP or International Priority is the name of an international format programme launched in partnership between eBay and Pitney Bowes. It is often used when shopping from the United States or the United Kingdom. When shipping via GSP, payment is made using Paypal and the tracking code begins with the letters UPAA and contains several numbers.

Once the specified amount is paid, the purchased product is transferred to a regional sorting centre located in a territory in one of the above mentioned countries. The specialists at the sorting centre then carry out the processing and complete the declaration for customs inspection. It is also their task to carry out the settlement with the successive payment of import fees and commissions. The final stage consists in sending the subject of the transaction to the recipient.

In Russia, you can track the shipping process with the help of our service To do this, just specify the tracking number and the system shows the full route of the order. Usually the shipment with Global Shipping will take no more than 7-8 days.

The presence of the inscription "Multiple Carriers" means the participation in the procedure of several services at once. Forwarding in Russia is carried out by Pitney Bowes, WnDirect and courier company SPSR-Express. The encoding will be LPKEN+numbers, WNM+number and OREUSA+code+RU respectively.

Methods of delivery of goods from eBay

Arrival of an order in the Russian Federation can take up to 60 days. In addition to geography, the term is affected by the working conditions of the carrier chosen by the seller. When placing orders for several goods at once, the recipient has to pay for delivery individually for each of them.

Customs duty.

Customs duty is also paid by the buyer. The amount of the tax is affected by the price of the purchased goods, insurance premiums and postage costs. In the Russian Federation, the duty will be 30% of the total amount paid.

Economy International Shipping.

Economy International Shipping

From the name of the programme it is easy to understand that this is the most economical option of sending. But in this case, the shipping procedure can last 1-2 months. It is carried out with the participation of the Russian Post, accepts small parcels for dispatch. The buyer may not be provided with a tracking number for tracking or a barcode, which allows for surveillance through the American post office. At the customer's request, for an additional fee, the carrier may include this feature in the shipping cost.

Standard International Shipping

Standard International Shipping is the most popular type of shipping, in which parcels are accompanied by a tracking code. But sometimes sellers specify a weight of less than 2kg in the order, in which case buyers are not provided with a tracking barcode. If tracking number is available, you can check the movement of parcels without any problems. The transit time can take from 10-15 days.

Express International Shipping

Not a budget, but quite fast shipping option. Compared to "Standard" the term of Express delivery is shorter, but here the route and type of transport (railway, air, etc.) are taken into account. In Russia, the services of courier agency EMS are used to deliver Express International Shipping packages.

Expedited International Shipping

This shipping also requires courier services. These are selected separately for different states. The services of some organisations are not intended for individuals from the Russian Federation. Therefore, vigilance is required when sending an order in this way. Foreign sellers more often use the services of the following services:

Also the carrier under the Expedited Shipping programme can be EMS or DHL (track 12 digits). The latter is unlikely to be able to transfer the shipment to a recipient with the status of a physical person in Russia. Most likely, the parcel will be sent back. In addition, this method leads to the accrual of customs duty. Also for its registration it is required to specify TIN and personal passport information.

Where does the order come?

A sticker with a digital identifier is pasted into the parcel at the shipping warehouse. This track code is then entered into the accounting system for tracking. Therefore, you will be able to observe its movement after 3-5 days. The place of arrival of the subject of the contract depends on the method of delivery. For example, when using regular mail, it arrives at the territorial post office (at the address of the recipient). If courier services are involved in the process, then the cargo is transferred directly into the hands of the customer. When using the services of intermediaries (companies), it can arrive at their drop-off points.

What to do if a parcel is lost?

If the order is lost in transit, the service will not be able to continue tracking. Sometimes the control is unavailable due to the limited conditions of economy packages. In some situations, responsible organisations enter data on the status of shipments, only after their arrival at the customs office. Sometimes this process will take at least 2 weeks. Also, it should be remembered that it is impossible to track an order number in eBay.

If the shipment is trackable (a track code is provided), but it is not possible to find out about its status through special platforms or the official website of the delivery company, you need to inform the seller. He will help to clarify the situation. Otherwise, you have to create an appeal through the Conflict Resolution Centre. The section is available on eBay's website.

The platform additionally offers the "Money Back Guarantees" tool. The buyer can file a claim with the seller and request a refund of the amount spent. If the claim is approved, the money for the purchase will be refunded.

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