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Average delivery time from 8 to 10 days


Shein is a popular online shop where every customer will find a large selection of clothes and accessories for every taste. All Shein products, tracking of which is available on, are delivered to Russia from China by different transport companies. In real time you will be able to find out exactly where your parcel is at the moment and what is the expected date of its arrival at the final destination.

How to track an order by Shein track number

  1. Go to the main page of 
  2. In the search form, enter Shein's waybill number or track number
  3. Click the Search button
  4. Get the result with the shipping status changes of the parcel from Shein

How to track an order from Shein online shop by tracking number?

For this you can use - it is the best solution for fast and comfortable tracking of Shein parcels. Our tracker has many advantages:

  • it is completely free;
  • no registration or authorisation via email or social media is required;
  • no personal data is required - only an order identifier is required;
  • the interface is as clear and convenient as possible;
  • high speed of request processing;
  • all data are up-to-date and reliable at the moment of fulfilment of the request;
  • all information on cargo movement is strictly confidential.

Just find the track number of your order in the receipt or delivery note - at the very top, then copy it and paste it into the search box on our resource, click the parcel tracking button. In a few seconds the system will display the current status of your order. You won't have to enter any additional data: your surname, first name, phone number or delivery address are not needed - a single track code is enough. Tracking Shein parcels via is a fast way to get information about your parcel.

What is Shein?

The Shein brand is an online fast fashion shop established in China. Its foundation is in 2008, the creator is Chris Xu, the place is Nanjing. The main advantage of this company that has made it famous is the affordability of the clothes offered. This has allowed it to develop at a rapid pace and by now it has reached a global scale.

Initially, the firm specialised in consignments, retailing almost nothing and selling to no one. The company didn't work in apparel design and manufacturing, but simply received finished products at a market in Guangzhou and delivered them to their final destinations.

In 2014, China-based retailer Romwe joined its ranks. Today, the brand's products are successfully sold in 195 countries. In addition to clothing, the organisation sells health and beauty products, footwear, accessories, and jewellery.

Geography of Shine's work

Shine Company ships to almost all continents. It is even manufactured to America (USA, Canada, etc.) and Australia as well as Western Europe (Germany, France, etc.). However, the maximum export market share is in Eastern Europe and Central Asia:

This list is constantly expanding - the establishment of international trade relations only strengthens the growth of the company.

The average time of arrival of the company's shipments to the Baltic States.

The average time for a parcel to arrive at its destination is 3-4 weeks, although this figure depends on several factors:

  • the geographical location of the final destination, the number of borders between the departure and arrival points;
  • the distance from the point of departure to the point of arrival;
  • type and nature of cargo, it can be standard, oversized, fragile, etc.;
  • weight of goods: the more it is, the more checks it passes;
  • the number of intermediate points or the degree of development of logistics infrastructure;
  • the size of the settlement where the consignment arrives.

Sometimes in the work of the service and transport companies with which it co-operates, there are failures, so delivery is delayed. But practice shows that such circumstances occur very rarely, so 99% of orders arrive at the destination strictly on time.

What to do if a parcel is lost?

The main task of our service is to provide the client with reliable information. Therefore, the data provided is always relevant and timely. If the site has information about the loss of a parcel, or it suddenly stopped tracking, it is necessary to take appropriate measures:

  • if the statuses stopped changing at the moment when the order was in China, you should write to the seller: usually he returns the money or sends the goods again;
  • if it happened in an intermediate point of a foreign country, you can also contact the seller, who will check what exactly happened in the transport company and take appropriate measures;
  • if the parcel is lost on the territory of the receiving country, it is necessary to write a statement to the receiving party: usually it is 5post, post or SDEK proceedings may take longer, but this option of action is relatively reliable.

Mail tracking service - it is reliable, fast and convenient. Track delivery from any international marketplaces, including Pandao, Joom, Amazon - be aware of the movement of your order, be the first to know about its delivery to the point of delivery.

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